A Day in My Life, May 23, 2024, Is This Really Springtime?

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Calendar spring came a couple of days early this year due to Leap Year.

But the calendar was fooled because the weather has other plans.

I woke up this morning with about three inches of wet snow on the ground.

Now, that’s not all that unusual here In upstate New York, We’ve had major blizzards in March during the more than forty years I’ve lived here. In fact, one year, we had such an intense blizzard that we had five feet of snow that fell over two days. Five feet! At that point, we didn’t even have a garage to park in. We had to park on the street back then–a real challenge.

Over the past few years, we haven’t had much snow. This year, several major ski areas have closed early because they haven’t even been able to make snow to stay open. But on March 23, when my hellebores (lenten roses) have already bloomed, we have snow. (Here’s a Lenten Rose, below.)

No one can convince me that climate change isn’t real. Hurricanes are more powerful now, snow is less plentiful in places where ski resorts once thrived, droughts are making water more and more scarce, and wildfires are destroying countless acres and homes. What can we do about all of this?

I worry what might happen to our children and grandchildren. I’m concerned about the challenges they will face as this becomes more and more intense. I cannot imagine what’s next with all this.

Here’s what we have done in our little ranch house. We have installed one of those hot water heaters that only heats water when we need it (tankless). We have solar panels on our roof. We just installed geothermal heat/air conditioning, which pulls heat from the earth outside of our home, channels it into a heat pump, which then brings it into our house. None of these options was cheap. We spent a great deal of money to use less energy. It shouldn’t be that way.

On April 20, 1970, I attended the first Earth Day celebration held on Boston Common. (There were many others held across the country–I was just at the Boston one. I don’t want readers to. think that Boston had a “lock” on Earth Day.) So many speakers had ideas about what we as Americans might do to conserve energy to save the Earth. Small things, such as recycling, using less paper (this, of course, was before we had computers that could help us accomplish this), driving less, bicycling more, planting more trees. In a big city, public transportation is easily accessed–not so much in rural areas. It’s been fifty-four years since that day. I’ve heard all the arguments–pro and con–about implementing such practices. Some people have scoffed at the premise that climate change is real. I look out my window, see snow, and realize it’s here to stay.


  1. Joy Gerken

    Thank you this piece Wanda, I can identtfy with all you are saying. We had solar panels on the roof last year and boy was that expensive. Mike would rather have second hand furniture than new as recycling is what we must do. We sort all plastics and glass to help in our small way of saving the planet.
    I believe the young of today are feeling it immensly. My lovely Grandaughter is getting married in December and soes not want her mum or me to buy new outfits. WOW.

    • Wanda Fischer

      I am with you, Joy.

      I have two beautiful mother-of-the (whoever’s getting married) outfits. I was very frugal when I bought them (used coupons and shopped during sales). They are sitting my closet, and I have tried to find someone who can use them. I haven’t even been able to find a consignment shop to take them. They are both very large, since I have lost weight since both of my children were married (2006 and 2012). Just like your granddaughter, I hate to see them go to waste, but I also hate to see them thrown away!

  2. Pat Garcia

    Hi Wanda,

    Your roses looked so good. I do hope you were able to save them.
    As for solar panels, I would like to get some for my home. We do a lot here in Germany for the climate. We are one of the leading countries, maybe number one, but I am unsure.
    Have a lovely day.
    Shalom shalom

    • Wanda Fischer

      I do think Germany is number one. I wish there weren’t so much resistance here in the United States. It seems as if people here think that if you use alternative energy, you’re a hippy dippy left-wing freak. If they could see how far our energy bills have plummeted, maybe they’re understand. Installing solar isn’t cheap, but there have been so many incentives since Biden became president. We installed them during the Obama administration and only got a little incentive. When we put in the geothermal heating, we got a major tax credit on our 2023 tax bill, thanks to Biden and his energy conservation agenda.

  3. john

    Wanda, we had five inches of snow on Friday and there’s another whopper of a storm near Minn. that is moving eastward toward NY – you might get hit with another biggie before more flowers bloom.

    • Wanda Fischer

      Hi John–Yes, my daughter sent me some photos of the driving out your way. The powers-that-be in the meteorology departments around here are saying that one MAY miss us, but we all know how accurate they are! LOL

  4. Patty Perrin

    Hi, Wanda,

    I hope the snow didn’t ruin your beautiful Lenten roses. From way down here in Florida, we attribute major weather changes to El Nino or La Nina. Depending on the sea temperature, which fluctuates by several degrees either way, we get more hurricanes, or fewer. The state hasn’t drowned yet, and it doesn’t look like it will in the near future. Our power grid is using more and more solar energy, but it doesn’t make much of a dent on the demand for electricity, especially now with so many people driving electric cars. Whatever happened to the invention of cars that ran on hydrogen, where the only pollutant was water?

    I’m impressed with how you’ve made your house energy-efficient. Taking measures like the ones you did is wise for anyone who wishes to save money and help the planet. I’ve always believed we should be using geothermal energy, which is plentiful and renewable. Tesla had the right idea.


  5. Shirley Harris-Slaughter

    Hello Wanda,

    Talking about climate change, we experienced less snow this year than I can remember. Had to pay in advance for snow service and didn’t get our money’s worth at all. I don’t like throwing money away like that again. Something’s got to change as these services are getting more expensive and less quality service.

    Thanks for the update on climate change.


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