A Day in My Life, March 30, 2024 — The Final Day of the RRBC 30-Day Blog Challenge

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Today may be the last day of the Rave Reviews Book Club 30-Day Blog Challenge, but there’s no way that I will stop blogging. I have had way too much fun over the last month to quit here.

I’ve been able to swap stories with four other incredible bloggers from different corners of the world, all of whom are also members of this incredible book club. I’ve gotten to know people I’d only previously known through the pages of their books. Now I’ve had the privilege of learning more about them via their blog pages. I don’t know how I found this book club, but it was a happy day, whenever it was.

I’ve also poured my soul out to them on many subjects, mostly through family stories, experiences from my early life, my dog, where I live–you name it. The five of us have discussed various “Day of…” or Month of…” commemorations. We’ve attacked those with gusto and a wide range of perceptions. We’ve brought our life experiences with us. It’s been wonderful.

Today all six-and-seven/ninths of my grandchildren (my daughter is pregnant and will deliver in mid-May) were at our house. It was chaos, but it was also fun to see them all at once. I am now getting ready to do my radio show on WAMC. It’s so quiet here that I’m having a tough time thinking. It will come together in about two hours. Somehow it always does.

For my RRBC swan song, I’m going to share a few photos I’ve taken.

A hummingbird in New York’s Adirondack Mountains

The Boston skyline, as seen from Fenway Park

The Adams gravesite where my parents are buried, in North Weymouth, Massachusetts, with the Abigail Adams birthplace house reflected in the black granite.

Bill Fischer, home from Vietnam

Sunset, Sanibel Island, Florida

A sample from the Fischer photo collection as we wind down this blog challenge. Don’t worry, there will be more from this writer. Watch this space!!!

Happy Easter, spring, and John Podlaski and I would be happy to relieve you of any leftover chocolate bunnies!


  1. Patty Perrin

    Congratulations, Wanda!

    And Happy Easter! Your posts have been wonderful to read. I feel I’ve gotten to know you better. I admire your gumption and honesty, your generosity and tender heart. You do your family proud by giving back to your community. You have remarkable talent and gifts, and you share them with gusto. I’m blessed to be in RRBC with you.


    • Wanda Fischer

      Thank you so much, Patty. I have enjoyed your comments and feedback. Just returned from Easter brunch and am trying to recover from spending time with five boys, ranging in age from four to fourteen, as well as our one granddaughter. The decibel level in our house has gone from rock concert to calm. They all live so far away that we rarely get to see them. Now our elderly dog can relax.

      I appreciate your kindness and thoughtfulness. I hope you had a beautiful Easter.


  2. Karl Morgan

    Wanda, wasn’t it fun?! While deciding what to write each day was a challenge, somehow I persevered. I am thrilled that all of us made it all the way to the end of the challenge. Congratulations and all the best in your future endeavors.

    • Wanda Fischer

      Hi Karl–From one coast to the other, yes it WAS fun! I am so pleased that I got to know you better (from one canine lover to another!). I just know what you wrote in Passages is true! My dogs will all be waiting for me when I’m done on this Earth. It wouldn’t be heaven without them!

      Thanks for your wonderful posts. This quintet sang to me every day.

  3. Pat Garcia

    Hello, Wanda,

    Happy Easter!
    It is still Easter here. We celebrate also Easter Monday. I’m sorry about getting here late, but yesterday, I was pooped after I got home from church and needed to rest my mind, which I did.

    I have enjoyed getting to know you and especially enjoyed your posts about your folk music and love of baseball.

    I sincerely hope your daughter carries the baby well, and you will have many years to enjoy that new kid and tell him stories about you and your husband.

    I am also glad to hear that you will be blogging often. I would like to subscribe to your blog posts, so please keep me informed.

    I also wish you much success with your audiobook. I know you can do it. After learning more about you during this challenge, I have no doubts about it.

    Take care, and I’ll see you around.
    Shalom shalom

    • Wanda Fischer

      Thank you, Pat. One of these days, I would love to go to Germany and ask you to escort me to that wonderful bakery. We would have such a great time!

      I have gotten to know you and the other bloggers as well. What a tremendous opportunity this has been!

      My elderly dog has recovered from the visit by five boys and one girl (the grandchildren) to our small ranch house. The kids are used to having larger houses to run around in, and their own houses are stocked with what seem like endless toys, while ours is stocked with endless books!

      Happy Easter Monday. Rest well.

  4. john

    Congratulations Wanda for completing the challenge. I did enjoy reading your posts and getting to know you better…loved the photos, too. What was Bill’s reaction to my hug on Friday? Somehow we have to convince him to write his story. 2.7 mm soldiers served within the borders of Vietnam during the twenty years of fighting and each one has a personal and unique story. If Bill doesn’t write it, his POV will be lost forever. I know that a household of kids you had over on Easter would like to someday read about their grandfather, the hero, during his war. Looking forward to more of your future posts.

  5. Shirley Harris-Slaughter

    Congratulations Wanda on your 30 days of blogging. I’ve learned so much about you from your stories which were amazing.

    Thank you for sharing them with us.


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