Here’s What People Are Saying about Empty Seats

The nationally-recognized Kirkus Review thinks Empty Seats “offers an appealingly honest portrayal of aspiring baseball players”:

Chuck Brodsky, baseball fan extraordinaire, singer/songwriter and writer of incredible baseball songs, says: “Wanda’s writing reflects her life-long love affair with the game of baseball. Her characters bring to mind players I can remember following as they worked their way up through the minor leagues.”

One reviewer on Amazon writes: “This great tale is about more than coming of age … it’s about coming to the plate, and who doesn’t want to have that chance? Let’s play 2!”

A reviewer on the Barnes and Noble site says: “Wonderful read, and I am not even a baseball fan. Ms. Fischer created a real sense of time and geography. She gave me characters I could root for throughout their relationships and decisions. And after I was fully invested in the characters’ lives, she surprised me. I just might become a baseball fan.”

And another Amazon commenter notes: “You don’t have to be a baseball fan to love Empty Seats.”

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