What people are saying about “Singing Along with the Radio,” Wanda Fischer’s recording:

“Your CD is so beautiful! I felt like you gave me a very precious insider’s look into your life, your humanity, your love for life and music. What a beautiful project. I am overwhelmend.”

Rosi Amador, Sol Y Canto, and director, MusicAmador

“It is clear that [Wanda Fischer] has tackled this project as a fan and artist. Thanksfully for the listener, she has the knowledge and skill to bring to the music, all that she has to offer as both.”

Bob Smith, www.glensfallsrock.com/Glens Falls Chronicle, Glens Falls, NY

“I enjoyed ‘Singing Along with the Radio’ a lot. It reintroduced me to a lot of songs that I’ve heard over the years but not recently. Then it reintroduced me to many singers I’ve also heard and enjoyed over the years but haven’t had time to hear them for some time. Finally, it introduced me to Wanda as a singer and not just a folk DJ. It conjured up memories of hootenannies and singarounds when I was an undergrad at the University of Chicago. It also conjured up memories of such wonderful folks as Bob and Evelyne Beers, George and Gerry Armstrong, and many others who formed my musical psyche. It was almost as if a new Golden Ring had been born.”

(the late) Mike Fleischer, WDCB-FM, Chicago (RIP)

“I just listened to your CD again and wanted to tell you how lovely it is! Your sweet voice, the beautifuls ongs, the playing. It’s all so heartfelt. What a gift. Thanks so much for taking the time to make this recording and share it with your fans and friends.”

Kathy Chiavola, singer/songwriter, Nashville, TN

“What a lovely collection of songs! And the arrangements and singers are so right. What a great recording…all my favorite songs.”

Johanna Halbeisen, New Song Library

Congratulations on a lovely CD and for a beautiful performance of “Life.”
–Tom Paxton¬† (composer of “Life”)