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Baseball: How has the game changed since the 1960s, when Wanda began following Major League Baseball (Wanda has many personal anecdotes and experiences)
The View from the Broadcasting Booth: Wanda had the unique experience of being a Major League Baseball public address announcer for a day at Fenway Park. What was that like, you ask? She’ll tell you if you interview or invite her to speak.
Women in Broadcasting: Wanda’s been in broadcasting for more than 40 years. How did that happen?
Folk Music: Wanda started listening to various types of folk music when she was a child and started performing at the age of four! The Folk Alliance International inducted her into its Folk DJ Hall of Fame in 2019.
Public Relations/Marketing/Media Relations: Wanda spent 40 years in this field and can discuss many aspects, as well as crisis communications. She won several national and local awards.
Women in Sports: Wanda began playing competitive tennis at the age of 32 and has competed at the national level in United States Tennis Association events throughout the rest of her life. She’s been through two total knee replacements and continues to play.
Working Your Way Through College: Wanda doesn’t come from a wealthy family. She had to work full-time and finish college at night to earn a bachelor’s degree. Not an easy way to go, but it works.

Sample Media Interviews

Wanda appeared on the nationally syndicated program, “Only a Game,” in 2018.