Work Refiner

As part of my journey in book publishing, I discovered an amazing service known as Word Refiner. I spent a week with the proprietor, Mark Schultz, responding to questions and doing an online interview with him.

Mark is a great resource for authors. His website,, has many links to blogs I’d never heard about, with unique ideas for writers like me. I learned so many things about writing, mostly by making mistakes about publishing and running into roadblocks. If only I’d known about Word Refiner! I would have saved time and money and made so many fewer mistakes.

Mark is also a master at finding misspellings and other errors in texts. He’s the best proofreader I’ve encountered in my many years of writing.

I’m in the process of writing a sequel to Empty Seats, and you can be sure that I will work with him when I’m getting the new novel (no title yet) ready for press.

In addition to all that, doing the interview with him was fun!

Check out You won’t be disappointed!

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