Did I Really Write This Book?

Almost a year ago, I was trying to find a publisher for Empty Seats. No go. I decided to self-publish, with the help of a great editor, a couple of wonderful friends and ultimately the amazing people at Monkfish/Epigraph Publishing in Rhinebeck, New York.

It’s been a wild ride since then–going to bookstores, libraries, even bowling in Cooperstown with alumni and friends associated with The Montreal Expos!

And, of course, collecting reviews, some of which came from people I know, and some of which came from people I’ve never met.

The review business is always a crap shoot, you know. I sent off a bunch of books and crossed my fingers that the reviewers might even like what I wrote.

Almost all have.

Here’s the latest one–received today: https://artisanbookreviews.com/2018/09/17/empty-seats-by-wanda-adams-fischer/

My latest project is working with an incredible narrator and production company to turn this into an audiobook. I’m listening to the chapters now, hoping to turn this into a reality. As my words come through the headphones, I’m incredulous at times, wondering if I really wrote these words. Did I imagine these situations, find the verbiage to capture the feelings coming through? Where in my imagination did this all come from?

Last year, I was working with a group of first-graders, and I showed them the book. “Ms. Wanda Fischer, how did you think of all those words?” they asked. “I don’t know,” I responded. They just came out of my head. “Hmmmm,” they said. “But how did you learn to SPELL all those words? Did you have spellcheck?” “No,” I told them, “I listened to my teachers when I was YOUR age and learned how to spell. We didn’t have spellcheck back then.” “That’s so bogus!” they said, almost in unison.

No, that’s how we rolled back then. In the 1950s. When I was in grammar school. When I was their age. When I was dreaming about writing fiction. Non-fiction. Whatever I could.

Thanks, teachers. I guess, thanks to you all (especially Mr. White), I actually did write this book.

But will there be another one? I hope to get back writing–after baseball season ends!

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