WNYT Story

It wasn’t a dark and stormy night, but instead a hot, humid day when I met with Elaine Houston, an incredible local reporter from WNYT-TV, channel 13, which broadcasts from Albany, NY. We discussed many things, from sportswriting to civil rights, from the role of celebrities in effectuating change, from NFL players kneeling in protest to my 1965 encounter with baseball legend Satchel Paige in Fenway Park.

Elaine captured, in a short segment, my love for baseball, my passion for writing, and my firm belief that sports reflect what happens in life.

We discussed Empty Seats, what inspired me to write the novel, and how it’s about more than baseball.

What a pleasure and surprise it was to view the segment tonight, August 23, and see what Elaine did with the more than one hour we talked. Watch it for yourself: https://wnyt.com/news/wanda-fischer-baseball-themed-book/5043153/?cat=10114

Thanks so much, Elaine and her cameraman Justin, as well as WNYT. I truly appreciate your great work.

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