Shameless Self-promotion?

I made a living for almost 40 years out of doing public relations, marketing and media relations for people in a number of organizations. Education. Not-for-profit health care. Government agencies.

However, it’s a whole new ballgame, this blowing my own horn, trying to get people interested in learning about my novel. I’ve thought of just about every angle I can find. I’ve sent out press releases. I’ve made phone calls. I’ve developed a publicity brochure, and I’m surreptitiously dropping them all over the place.

Around the holidays, people seemed interested. I’m getting great reviews, even from people I don’t know. I think I’m going to start losing friends if I don’t stop talking about this novel!

If you’re one of my friends, I hope you won’t abandon me while I’m marketing my book. Just tell me if you’re sick of hearing about it. I just have to keep trying new things. It’s all new to me. Even though that’s what I did for almost 40 years. It’s so different when it’s for someone else.

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