Pre-Orders for My Novel

Within two weeks, I will be taking pre-orders via this website for my novel, Empty Seats. Here’s the synopsis:

Three strangers met by chance in 1972 with one thing in common: baseball. They had been star pitchers on the baseball teams in their respective home towns, and baseball is what brought them together to play for a minor-league team in a remote town in western New York.

Drafted by the Montreal Expos to play in Single-A baseball in Jamestown, New York, they find that everyone else on the team had also been high school standouts and champions, and they must fight for the spot to make their mark in this highly competitive world of Major League Baseball.

Personality-wise, the three could not be more different. Each comes from a vastly different background, but all share a passion for the game. Each soon learns that life can change in a heartbeat.

And one faces a long jail sentence because of a crime he did not commit, leading to the demise of his father, who had been living vicariously through his son.

The choices each one makes instantly, along with day-to-day events in life that happen to everyone, soon reveal that life can change in a heartbeat.

Do any of the three—or their teammates in Jamestown—see the light of day in a Major-League ballpark? Does the rivalry between members of the team evolve into comradery? What do they learn about themselves as they compete in the passionate world of professional baseball?

And why are the seats empty?

Pre-orders will be $14.99, but I will waive the shipping charges for people who place orders prior to December 1, 2017. A  link for ordering will be available on this site by October 20, 2017. 

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